Most Promiscuous US Cities: Best Places To Pick up Women

//Most Promiscuous US Cities: Best Places To Pick up Women

Most Promiscuous US Cities: Best Places To Pick up Women

Casual sex is something that is adventurous, fun, no commitment required and liberating. For some, it is something that is not good, while others think it is something a normal person should experience while you are living. It is fine depending in what city or country you are in. If you’re in a conservative, of course it is shameful. But if you’re in a promiscuous city or country, it is totally fine and in norm.

There is nothing wrong with casual sex as long as you are enjoying your life, staying safe from any diseases and not spreading the disease. The best time to have casual sex is always when it is unplanned or in unexpected moments. Some of the casual sex is happening when you are vacationing alone and someone hits on you, or you are in a bar and someone paid you a drink or vice versa.

Men casual sex seekers should rejoice because here are the US cities where you can pick-up women for a casual sex:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles or the “City of Angels” is one of the top promiscuous cities in the US. Aside from the city is full of madam and escorts, it is also filled with single inhabitants mostly trying to get into movie and entertainment business. When it comes to porn, this city is a multi-billion dollar porn industry that is why there is always sex in the city.


Jazz is a noteworthy music genre that originated in Seattle. Since it is a gateway to Alaska and Canada, people come and go in the city. The transient business industry in this city is so colorful because of the quantity of travelers who are likely going to have casual sex.


Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvannia and is called as the “Steel City” because of its steel-related businesses. But why it is considered as one of the promiscuous cities in the US? Because it has a large population, has a great tourism and 68 small and large universities. This means that there are too many kinds of people in the city, specifically college students, who are hot for casual sex.


Bikinis here and there, there is no wonder why Miami is on the list of promiscuous cities in the US. It is also has a large population of sexy Cubans and selections of hotels. Cubanita are known to be most succulent and sought after women. They have big breasts and booties and very curvy bodies. And the easiest place to find them is exactly in Miami.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as one of the most notorious cities in US and is also known for paid sex. This is the city where sex and gambling are very casual. You can pick-up women as easy as snapping your fingers just by walking down the streets. Let’s face it, with millions of visitors, casinos, bars and hotels, you can always find women you can pick-up for some casual sex in this city. There is no big deal because as they say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.


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