How To Start and Run a Successful Bar

//How To Start and Run a Successful Bar

How To Start and Run a Successful Bar

Starting a bar business is not all about making sure your customers’ glasses are always full to generate income. You need to consider many things – from the smallest to the biggest picture. But above all, you need to be a bar enthusiast so you can picture out clearly what you want your future bar be like.

Putting up a bar business, like any other businesses, is like betting and gambling – you do not know if you will be successful or not. But there are keys on how to run a successful bar and these are;


Location plays a major role in the success of your bar. There are ownerrs who can pull in a lot of customers in their bars even though they are situated in an awkward location. Why? Because there are few bars in the place where they situated there bars, thus the competition is very low.


Second key is the uniqueness of your bar. In our world today, where everything should be Instagrammable or should be pleasing when uploaded to social medias, your bar should be unique and enticing in the eyes. Being uploaded on the internet is the fastest way of gaining customers. So, the ambiance of your bar should be something that will really excites the eyes of your customers.


Third key is the stock of your bar. Tracking what your customers are drinking and which types of alcohol your are using more than the others will give you an idea which spirits you should have stocked in your cooler or refrigerator. This way you can spend less on the alcohols that are less popular and spend more on the alcohols that are popular in your bar. You should also stock a lot of glasses, shakers, pourers, stirrers and cocktail mixes.

Manpower And Training

The fourth key is to train your bartenders with the right mixes, measure and pouring. One major reason why there are unsuccessful bars is because there are bartenders that overpour drinks. Overpouring may cost you thousands of dollars in the long run without you noticing it. To prevent this from happening, train your bartenders not to overpour drink and reduce waste. There are measured liquid pourers you can use for measuring exactly the amount of alcohol a certain glass should have.

Signature Cocktails

The fifth key is to have your own signature cocktails. It is very easy to sell signature cocktails especially to those who are not yet particular with your mixes. They often order cocktail signature as a start up. Signature cocktails are always priced higher than any popular drinks, so creating one can help you gain profit. It also one way of branding your bar because customers will remember for something that is unique and only you have.

Happy Hours

Lastly is to have happy hours and lots of attracting events and discounts. This may seem generous but happy hours can attract crowd and build regular customers. One trick to do this is to lower the prices of your cocktails and excellent customer service. You can also give them freebies and discounts when they reach a certain amount of order or when they order something that are special for the day. You can also host events as an additional way of promoting your bar.


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