Best Sports Bars in San Antonio, Texas

//Best Sports Bars in San Antonio, Texas

Best Sports Bars in San Antonio, Texas

A really good sports bar should have qualities of what sports minded person wants in a room when chilling. Of course, the first on the list are very large televisions that can show different sports programs at a time. The vibes should be cheering as if you are going to sit, watch and cheer for your own favorite team.


Friendly and energetic staff and servers should also be considered because people who usually dine in sports bar are very energetic and mentally alert. It is a good thing if the staff are also the same to maintain the cheerful ambiance of the place. The sports bar should also have sports activities that diners can enjoy with their friends. Not to mention the bar food and selections of well-crafted beers, they also have to be comforting and do not need to be fancy at all.


In San Antonio, you can find good sports bar with such qualities mentioned above. If you are planning to go in a sports bar to chill, gulp a throat soathing beer while analyzing your favorite sports with your friends after a long tiring day, here are some of the best sports bars you can find in the city:


Bar America


This bar is already 80 years old and was originally a cafe bar that turned into a sports bar. It is designed with spacious exposed-brick spaces with plenty of TVs. They also have plenty of local crafted beers and an array of satisfying bar foods like burgers, buffalo wings, fries and pizzas. On Fridays and Saturdays nights, the sports bar is turned into a nightclub with DJ spinning lively tunes and mixes.


Anchor Bar


Anchor Bar claims they are the “Home of the Original Buffalo Wings” and can be legitimate when they say this because of their savoury and extraordinaire original buffalo wings. People who dined in this bar says their wings are crispy moist and tasty. Aside from wings, they also serve bar foods like fried fish, fries, salads, and beefs.  It is located in a shopping center near University of Texas. Inside you can find 36 screens, three separate audio zones (each for different games), and sports packages.


Cover 3


Cover 3 is a sports bar but is a little different than any other sports bar because it’s classier than the average. The best time to come here is brunch because they serve the best brunch in town. They have 27 TVs showing pro and college sports. The Bloody Mary Bar is one of their great features where you can select your own vodka and mixes. They also have Bubbles Bar where you can create your own mimosa with selection of fresh fruits and fruit garnishes for only $4.


High Velocity Sports Bar


This is a sports bar where you can just sit and relax because of its very laid back ambiance. There are giant screens for everyone and smaller screens strategically located among the seating areas. They also offer private party option for they have designated place for such event.


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