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In today’s modern world, the whole concept of no sex before marriage has become a little stale. People have sex often and freely, and people also often have one night stands. Furthermore, many of us go out to nightclubs and bars simply to pick someone up with the sole aim of having a steamy night of hot sex with no strings attached.

Sex is awesome and if you want to have an active sex life then we can help! There is nothing more exciting than trying to pick someone up in a bar with a naughty end goal in mind. If you want to improve your pulling technique and get laid, we have gathered 6 top tips for your benefit when in bars and nightclubs – good luck!

1. Show your sexual interest from the offset

This doesn’t mean you should walk up to someone and say “Hey I want to have sex with you tonight, let’s go!” Don’t be sleazy – just show your sexual interest in the person. Let them know that you are sexually attracted to them – smile at them, and use words such as “sexy”. This will put the other person at ease, help them loosen up, but also give them an indication of your goals.

2. Be sincere and enjoy what you are conversing about

Many people make the mistake of simply trying to have a serious conversation when in a bar – they think this is what the other person wants. No one wants a deep and intimate conversation about feelings and emotions in a bar – they want to have fun and a laugh (and sex of course). Make your conversation natural and enjoy what you are speaking about – if you don’t, you may struggle and it may appear forced.

3. Have confidence in your appearance and demeanor

If you go into a bar without any confidence then people will notice this and it can affect your chances of getting laid. If you want to hook up with someone to have sex then you must show that you value yourself and are confident in your own body. People will pick up on this and they will not pity you or feel that they can do better than you. Talk with confidence. Walk with purpose. Know that you are attractive and a top catch!

4. Reverse the interactions to make it appear as if they are trying to pull you

Never appear desperate or like you are trying too hard. The opposing person will sense this, and they may end up playing hard to get. You then, in turn, may lose confidence and get nowhere – it is a vicious cycle! To break this cycle you can reframe your interactions and put the boot on the other foot so to speak. You can turn what the other person is saying against them, so it appears that they are trying to win you over for a sexual engagement!

A simple example could be this – She says “I’m just nipping to the bathroom”, you could respond by saying, “Whoa hold on there – that’s quite forward, I’ve only known you for 5 minutes and you want me to go to the bathroom?” In this example, you have turned something seemingly innocent to your advantage and also taken the pressure off you.

5. Test the boundaries and move things forward

Escalation is key to getting sex from a bar or nightclub. You must make your intentions clear and continually test the boundaries to move things forward. Drop in hints as often as you can and prompt actions such as having shots, having a dance and of course dropping a cheeky kiss or two. The more you test boundaries and reinforce that fact that you want sex, the more this will sink into the opposing person, and the more involved they will become.

There you have it – 6 awesome tips to help you get into the sack and do the naughty after a hot evening in a nightclub! You could also consider looking at some bar videos or nightclub videos to watch pros in action and see how it is done. Next time you are in a bar looking to get laid, remember these tips and you will be stripping off in no time at all!