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Serving San Antonio, TX


The Historic Bar America I Bar | San Antonio, TX instagram

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The current location for The Historic Bar America was built over 80 years ago.


We don't believe in ghosts, but unexplained events do happen here from time to time. Check out our historic location for yourself!

Located near The Alamo

Visit The Historic Bar America if you're looking for a place where you can sit back and relax without the unruly behavior that can come along with going to the bar. Enjoy your drinks, have fun and behave!

New additions in progress!

Enjoy food at the bar when our kitchen is finished

Have a drink with us!

Kitchen and food offering in progress

Take advantage of having more space to relax and drink with friends

Renovated exclusive rear patio with full bar

Savor a larger variety of beers on tap

22-tap craft beer draft system

Have fun at our

historic bar

A Bar

With A Legacy

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Martin R. Ramirez